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9 February 1985
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I'm a bit into cosplay, though I never dress up at conventions, I'm most content to just watch everyone have fun and stuff. Hm...I'm not usually well received in places so I', wary about talking to people. I love foreign movies, I'm obsessed with horror movies, specially if they're from South Korea. I'm learning Japanese (like everyone else in the world) And Korean! (Which is way cooler to me) and starting up my own commissions/seamstress business. I can't sew really well, oddly enough, however, my mother makes everything for commissions and such, she's been sewing since my brother was born and he's 33 now. She made everything for me from the time I was born till I was twelve!

My favorite movie out right now is a American horror movie called House, like it's getting terrible reviews but seriously, it's like they haven't even seen the same movie. They do nothing but whine about religious implications, um...the secondary main characters were religious nuts...of course they quoted the bible every five seconds, but they were crazy. *Sighs* Reviewers are retarded. They always judge things "Christian" harder then normal things. Though I half agree, the acting needed some work but that's what happens when you have low budgets...which is what happens when you get crappy reviews by idiots who are more worried about the pentagram on the poster then the movie.

I love to rp, I used to spend a lot of my time at a site called Mystical Realms, www.myrealms.net however people were getting beyond rude in there so I'm waiting for their newest fad of know it alls to die down....

I mostly spend my days running through pictures of Lolita dresses and outfits and designing my latest Cosplay creation no one will ever see. And rping with my friend Chris on Msn messenger. Hah.