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Lots of people were really stupid....they kept torturing bees and killing them in front of me after I repeatedly asked them not to. It was very rude and then...like they started making fun of me because it bugged me. Two of the girls were talking about how, "Stupid" I was being and they were saying it right by me , talking all loud so I could hear.

You know like I don't care if people kill insects and stuff, I just don't want it to be in front of me. I just found it very rude and disrespectful. I heard there was someone taking pictures trying to see up girl's skirts...ugh, I was having so much fun at the convention, but that just ruined my day.

I am not going to say it's AZ girl's that would just be ridiculous, I'll just say, some , (Not all) Some of the people who showed up sucked.
Oh! And this is nothing against the host and hostess, I believe they were very nice, they hosted actually some really sweet and fun games.

I loved the party, it was just the whole thing that sorta ruined the experience for me. It might not seem like a big deal to some people cause "they're just bugs" But I'm like actually really into bugs, I like knowing about them and researching, so it's not just a bug to me , it's a living creature that feels pain and can tell when it's lungs are filling up with pink lemonade because some stupid bitch thinks it's funny to drown it.

PS, I did try to stop them but they kept yanking the cups back from me or hindering me from reaching the cups to free them. I'm sorry I just don't get the point of capturing something just to kill it.
~~~Venting warning~~~~The first time I made a Lolita dress, I put it on and I felt so pretty and I posted up the pictures on the internet and someone told me the lace looked cheap. Then another and another and another, it was so crushing I guess, I felt ugly and wallflowerish. I dropped out of loli world for two years...it's so weird, sometimes I think ladies forget the whole point of Lolita is just to look and feel pretty and innocent. I think they forget it's not about lace, sometimes I'm reading through posts and people just blah, blah blah, lace.
Okay! I know it's a form of art and designs, it makes the dress look better and it's different from dress to dress but seriously people need to lay off. I was reading a post, a girl who bought her "first" Lolita dress asks how she looks and there was seriously over twenty posts (I counted) , one after another just describing how horrible her lace was, one person going so far as to tell her the dress looks so awful, because of the lace, that she needed to take it apart and resew it. One post as constructive criticism is good, describing what is wrong and sending helpful links. But it was just post after post, after post, no help just critisism. "How awful it looks with that lace." Like seriously? It's her very first dress, she doesn't need to hear over and over about how horrible and ungodly her Raschel lace is. Some people can be so bitchy. You think they would have something constructive to say. Bitches, bitches bitches...
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